sublevels network

Day: February 13, 2020

paladin dchub chat

<transfix> man that’s bizarre <transfix> [21:01:10] * Fail: Disconnected… [21:01:10] * Connecting to nmdcs:// [21:01:11] * Connected to nmdcs:// <transfix> [*] Nick: transfix [*] IP: [*] Country: US=United States [*] City: Austin [*] TLS: 1.3

paladin dchub chat

<vinterheaven> @transfix how did you get the address to work, I still get [21:31:53] * Connecting to nmdcs:// [21:31:53] * Fail: The requested address is not valid in its context…. <vinterheaven-test> without nmdcs:// it logs in but no TLS. I must have something configured incorrect… <vinterheaven-test> using eiskaltDC++ same issue as before with unable to […]

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