sublevels network


°º¤øø°º¤ø¤° hub resurrection º¤øø°º¤ø¤°

Formerly known as:
- Ultimatemetal DC Hub (circa 2002 - 2006?)
- Sublevels Progressive Hub (circa 2006? - 2014)
- hub resurrection (Dec 2019 - ??)

After a roughly 5 year period of atrophy and neglect,
we are back, risen from the void, reborn!

admin: transfix

We encourage sharing:
- heavy music
- obscure movies
- news and leaks

Hublist info:

- Messages in mainchat get posted to
- TLS should be working now. Make sure you connect to
- This hub acts as a bridge to the atxcf slack through #sublevels
  Check out

last update: 20200218

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