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Anon Ymous

Fri Jan 5 19:32:35 2024
(*6952cd93*):: haha yesss
*** Save 20% on Alex Jones: NWO Wars on Steam
*** Play the OFFICIAL Alex Jones video game! A classic arcade shooter in which you play as Alex Jones and save the world from the evil globalist plot to turn everyone into bug-eating pod-dwelling libtards! Stay tuned for future bonus levels and characters…

(*6952cd93*):: the forums and reviews are hilarious, especially the threads talking made up shit about sandy hoax and valve having no dignity putting this game up there, clowns getting absolutely roasted lmaoo
(*6952cd93*):: there’s literally furry porn games on fucking steam. talk about dignity lmaoooo
(*6952cd93*):: +public
(*6952cd93*):: +public!
(*54b3f3ac*):: Lol I might have to play that.

Here’s a video of the game play.
*** The Alex Jones Video Game! (NWO Wars)
*** Doing something different and fun for the Holidays. This is the new Alex Jones video game that was just released. You can purchase this game at
*** YouTube

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