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Anon Ymous

Thu May 2 05:20:17 2024
(*a3a26d18*):: Anyone up for SC1 ?
(*a3a26d18*):: I’m drunk
(*a3a26d18*):: idgaf i’ll win
(*a3a26d18*):: lez go
(*a3a26d18*):: Havnet played in 20 years
(*a3a26d18*):: Gonna get my teen juices flowin
(*a3a26d18*):: banging desks
(*a3a26d18*):: with my fist
(*a3a26d18*):: and my dick
(*a3a26d18*):: with my fist
(*a3a26d18*):: imagining banging women
(*a3a26d18*):: with my fist
(*a3a26d18*):: Get the gist?
(*a3a26d18*):: Don’t use the wrist
(*097dfbf6*):: i’m installing SC rn
(*a3a26d18*):: Gonna remove that cyst
you call a brain

the name is g wayne
imma gonna reign

I can’t rhyme
(*a3a26d18*):: Should have done some time
(*a3a26d18*):: There’s a remastered version of the game but you have to pay for i t
(*097dfbf6*):: gwayne
(*097dfbf6*):: lmao hell yeah
(*097dfbf6*):: remember that shit, nicks cousin
(*a3a26d18*):: That dude married my dad’s like next in line accountant
(*097dfbf6*):: what no way
(*a3a26d18*):: She’s hot af. Their baby though, ugly af
(*a3a26d18*):: Gabe’s dad used to work for my dad back in the day apparently
(*a3a26d18*):: Man this happened so long ago, I don’t remember if I told you this or not
(*097dfbf6*):: his genes ruined it lmao
(*097dfbf6*):: nope
(*a3a26d18*):: I went to Gabe’s house when he lived at Panam. We played poker and I thought a couple things he was doing was not kosher. Like I couldn’t tell where the money was going, whatever some stupid rule I just did’nt agree with
(*a3a26d18*):: That dude was on xanax and drunk
(*a3a26d18*):: He fucking chased me out of the house threatening to fight me
(*a3a26d18*):: I was like ‘dude chill the fuck out’
(*a3a26d18*):: everyone with me was on my side
(*a3a26d18*):: I just got in my car and he started running after me
(*097dfbf6*):: he would find a hot piece, that’s no surprise. Also him scamming isn’t a surprise either lmao
(*097dfbf6*):: If I was there I would have punched him out for you homie
(*a3a26d18*):: I backed into Dr. Chen’s son’s car (You went to Pan AM for a bit right?)
(*097dfbf6*):: lmao yeah
(*097dfbf6*):: I remember dr chen holy shit
(*a3a26d18*):: I went to Josh’s house. He called me later crying his eyes out apologizing
(*a3a26d18*):: that guy is a fucking mess
(*a3a26d18*):: Ya Chen was cool as shit
(*097dfbf6*):: chen was a legend
(*a3a26d18*):: I got ahold of him and we had no problems. Just weird coincidence
(*097dfbf6*):: that’s weird as shit dude
(*097dfbf6*):: homie has major problems
(*a3a26d18*):: Chen loved me because he taught an AI class and I wrote all my own code. I was a fucking supervisor of the computer lab to make $10 / hr at the time so I helped people. I swear 90% of the code I saw was a copy and paste from the internet
(*097dfbf6*):: lmao
(*097dfbf6*):: I’m pretty sure he taught the data structures class I took
(*a3a26d18*):: I took Egle for that. Data structures and assembly were my 2 favorite classes
(*097dfbf6*):: yeah that shit was awesome
(*097dfbf6*):: I def had egle for assembly
(*097dfbf6*):: for data structures we had a choice: we could take the final or we could write a program that utilized all our data structures knowledge to sort a huge ass web log from the panam cs web server
(*097dfbf6*):: in under 10 minutes
(*a3a26d18*):: I had Egle too for assmebly I remember him showing me the pyramid puzzle solved in Pascal and Assemly
(*a3a26d18*):: Ya I always took the programming route. Tests are for faggots
(*097dfbf6*):: yeah towers of hanoi rite??
(*a3a26d18*):: Yessir
(*097dfbf6*):: yeah I did the program too, I murdered that shit in 7 minutes and didn’t even do a merge sort like he recommended
(*a3a26d18*):: I’m not here to pass a goddamn quiz. I’m here to program nigga
(*097dfbf6*):: lmao hell yeah
(*097dfbf6*):: I did it the first day he said we could do it and the rest of the class was hounding me for a week for the solution
(*a3a26d18*):: I wrote chess for my final project to graduate
(*a3a26d18*):: using direct x 5 i think
(*a3a26d18*):: maybe 7. Whatever the last version was to use direct draw
(*097dfbf6*):: that’s awesome
(*097dfbf6*):: I miss that
(*097dfbf6*):: I did a lot of directx
(*097dfbf6*):: it was pretty nice considering it was microshaft
(*a3a26d18*):: I wish one of two things. I wish I went to a specialty college for game development or wish I never went to college at all and just got a programming job
(*a3a26d18*):: I swear to you those 5 years of my life were extremely detrimental
(*097dfbf6*):: I wouldn’t change a thing
(*a3a26d18*):: although I met you and Shane in those years
(*097dfbf6*):: lol yeah
(*a3a26d18*):: Nigga I was drunk / dexed out / drugged out the entire time
(*097dfbf6*):: I went to panam for 2 years and UT for 3
(*097dfbf6*):: perfect combo
(*a3a26d18*):: I can quote House MD first 3 seasons. I am good at fighting games. Thank fucking god I didn’t marry Darla
(*a3a26d18*):: I just think of those times and cringe a lot
(*097dfbf6*):: LOL
(*a3a26d18*):: Dex + Quake & Smash bros though still good times
(*a3a26d18*):: and fucking Dr. Mario
(*097dfbf6*):: yeah that shit was amazing
(*a3a26d18*):: monkey ball
(*097dfbf6*):: spacegutter!
(*a3a26d18*):: You and I are the only ones left mang
(*a3a26d18*):: This chat is spacegutter to me
(*097dfbf6*):: yeah they’re all faggots, this is the real deal
(*a3a26d18*):: What are you doing right now? I installed SC, but haven’t played it
(*a3a26d18*):: The wife just got some KFC
(*a3a26d18*):: She’s gotta the nigga gene so she’s happy
(*097dfbf6*):: lmao
(*097dfbf6*):: I got it running
(*097dfbf6*):: I was wondering how we can find each other in the shit
(*a3a26d18*):: Create an account. Pick the region
(*097dfbf6*):: and I got lost in the sauce thinking we can just run it over the VPN and do a local network game
(*097dfbf6*):: yeah
(*a3a26d18*):: I can pick any server from here
(*a3a26d18*):: US West works
(*097dfbf6*):: whats your nick
(*097dfbf6*):: battletag :clown_face:
(*a3a26d18*):: electronbabies
(*097dfbf6*):: fuck it wont let me add you, anyway i’ll fire it up, let me see if I can find you
(*a3a26d18*):: I have the revised edition. I doubt that it matters
(*097dfbf6*):: og or expansion?
(*a3a26d18*):: Electronbabies for casing
(*097dfbf6*):: it shouldn’t matter
(*a3a26d18*):: Are you JoeJoeMurder?
(*097dfbf6*):: no i’m dogewitz
(*097dfbf6*):: i’m on us west
(*a3a26d18*):: Electronbabies is my SC name
(*a3a26d18*):: There seems to be an external BNet service (where the game is loaded)
(*097dfbf6*):: yeah i’m using dogewitz for both
(*a3a26d18*):: AcidJazz#1777
(*a3a26d18*):: remember that name?!?! that’s old shit
(*a3a26d18*):: Fucking fishcake
(*a3a26d18*):: dogewitz what number
(*097dfbf6*):: lol
(*a3a26d18*):: or email address
(*097dfbf6*):: fishbread
(*097dfbf6*):: that just reminded me
(*a3a26d18*):: request sent
(*a3a26d18*):: LOL
(*a3a26d18*):: fish something
(*a3a26d18*):: i knew it wasnt sauce
(*097dfbf6*):: +public!

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