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<[-TE-]-RoLex> hi
<[-TE-]-RoLex> vinterheaven: did you figure out why it was not working to connect via nmdcs:// to this hub?
<[-TE-]-RoLex> most clients dont set default port to 411 when connecting via other protocols than dchub://
<[-TE-]-RoLex> it means in url you have to specify :411 at the end
<[-TE-]-RoLex> transfix: in your motd in hublist info, could you please change url protocol to https:// ?
<[-TE-]-RoLex> also i can create custom id for your hub so you avoid id, in case it will ever change
<[-TE-]-RoLex> =)
<[-TE-]-RoLex> also you can create ssl certificate for your domain, that way users who put it into their “certificates” folder in client, will get “secure” status in their client aswell
<[-TE-]-RoLex> i have a special place to store certificate files on te hublist
<[-TE-]-RoLex> so you dont even need to host it, only update it once a year or so
<[-TE-]-RoLex> otherwise its really nice to see people actually trying secure nmdc in verlihub =)

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