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Anon Ymous

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Sat May 6 01:25:10 2023
(*6952cd93*):: you ever listen to FF’s album Obsolete? One of the best concept albums ever. I wish someone would make a movie about it. It’s crazy bc we’re kind of living in the future they describe in the album 25 years later +public!
*** Hi-Tech Hate

*** YouTube


“Basically, Demanufacture was loosely about this situation where machines have gotten so advanced they’ve developed intelligence and started to rebel against the people who made them,” guitarist Dino Cazares says. “By the time we get to Obsolete, the war is pretty much over and the machines have basically won. They have taken over and made man obsolete. We’ve become slaves to the machines and are no longer controlling them.”

*** 6 Things You Didn’t Know About Fear Factory’s ‘Obsolete’
*** From the hit song that wasn’t even on the album, to the Sarah McLachlan cameo that almost was
*** Revolver

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