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Mon Jan 16 02:28:05 2023
*** Glitter Mini 9 – Are You Bad? – Traducida al Español

*** YouTube
(*b05743e5*):: my rocking gals from my San Fran days :smiling_face_with_3_hearts:

(*6952cd93*):: this is great!
(*b05743e5*):: glad you like it, 90s scene in SF
(*6952cd93*):: yeah this is awesome, reminds me of live thru this era Hole.
(*b05743e5*):: yep, Lesley actually auditioned for Hole, let me dig up the link
(*6952cd93*):: lol sweet
*** Glitter’s Bassist Hole-Hearted
*** Poirier was among those selected from a host of hopefuls to fly to Los Angeles last week…
(*6952cd93*):: you ever hear this band? people are copying this right now in 2023 for the zoomers, it’s so far ahead of its time +public!
*** Typical Girls

*** YouTube
(*b05743e5*):: yes i did hear about them, cool :thumbsup:

(*b05743e5*):: age restricted lol
(*b05743e5*):: the bass intro on Are You Bad? is messed up in that version, this one is good
*** Glitter mini 9 – Are you bad

*** YouTube

(*b05743e5*):: i scraped some pictures from their old website off the wayback machine


(*b05743e5*):: also found a pic of the Kiss The Liberator CD liner showing yours truly made it to the album’s thanks section
(*6952cd93*):: thats awesome!

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